Benchmade 375SN Adamas


Just got this. It seems every time someone asks “what knife should I get”, Benchmade always makes the list. The Adamas is mentioned frequently. They also make a folding version but I have more than enough folders. I decided on the fixed blade just because it seemed to be the perfect size, big enough to be useful and small enough to carry comfortably.

So, does it live up to the hype?

The blade is 4.2″ and OAL about 9″. It is D2 steel (Heavily used by Dozier Knives) and this model has a desert tan coating).


The designer is apparently a guy named Sibert.

It came extremely sharp, shaved hair without dragging or pulling. The top edge in front of the serrated portion of the spine is sharpened.

The grip is skeletonized and serviceable . Skeletonized handles tend to help with a low profile, but rarely comfortable. It comes with paracord to wrap the handle (video instructions on the Benchmade site). When I bought mine, the shop had one on display that they had wrapped so I asked if I could have that one. With the wrap it is quite comfortable and fills the hand well.

The sheath is polymer.





The sheath includes the tek-lok. If you’ll notice the torx screw, you can adjust the retention strength. It also has a retention strap for extra security. It is removable and in my case, I don’t need it. It’s a nice setup and easy to carry.


I would like to mention the serrations. They are not very sharp at all, the points are flat. I’m not sure what they’re good for. If nothing else, they add to the looks of the knife, I guess that counts for something.


The Benchmade logo.

I had intended on using today to really use the knife. Too many other obligations. Was able to get some photos done though before it gets used.

Initial impression. I think with the wrap will make it a pleasure to use and can be replaced if needed.

I suspect the coating will hold up well, seems similar to Esee.

My experience with D2 is with Doziers, I’m hoping Benchmade does it just as well.

I will update this (starting in the next week or so) as I get to use it.

Edit – Not much more about this knife. As nice as it is, it just hasn’t grown on me at all. It has a new home now.

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