Esee Candiru, More Than Just A Tiny Fixed Blade


The Esee Candiru is a small fixed blade that is suitable for edc. There are a lot of small fixed blades to choose from but most seem to have the same issues. They are either so small or so poorly designed that they turn out to be very uncomfortable to use and spend most of the time tucked away in a drawer.

On the other end are those knives that could be called medium sized, the maker then dispenses with the handles and calls them a small knife.

The Candiru was designed small and meant to be used. The specs below are from the Esee website.


The blade is coated and should do a fine job protecting the 1095 from rust, the edge is exposed and a little maintenance is needed. The coating is well done and available in several colors – note the photo from their site.


The sheath is polymer and holds the knife securely. When I first got it, it was almost too secure, getting the knife out was quite a struggle, it gets better over time and is just right now.

Neck carry is one option. I prefer belt carry. The photos below show paracord (included) and is what I use. I wear it between my belt and waistband of my jeans.




As you can see, it is a 3 finger grip. As small as it is, it still seems to be a better design than most knives in its class. There are factory scales available but I want as thin and unobtrusive as possible.


I do have the lanyard/fob, whatever on it. It is helpful for drawing the knife. I also found that the simple act of laying it on the side of the handle improves the grip immensely. It allows extended use that is surprisingly comfortable!


Edge holding is quite good. 1095 is a very good steel and well proven. Quality heat treat and a great edge to start with and you have plenty of edge holding capability to finish whatever job you start.

I have not gotten to use it as much as I would like, I can say that the use I have gotten is enough to tell me the coating will hold up much better than average.

It may seem like an expensive knife for its size and steel, that is until you actually use it and see how it really performs! Excellent!

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